charlie + 15 + she/they and neos + INFP + bigender

hi im charlie! im the webprincess who made this silly little site! :3 im a loser on the internet with an intense interest in several things, one of them being web design and coding! >_<

my interests!

games: cookie run, smile for me, the sims 4, vr chat, rec room, pokemon, kirby, splatoon 2, undertale, deltarune, tf2, stardew valley

characters: strawberry cookie, lotus dragon cookie, snake fruit cookie, todd chavez, hatsune miku, kagamine rin, most sanrio characters, fluttershy, pinkie pie, maud pie, strawberry shortcake
tv: inside job, my little pony, chowder, bojack horseman, bob's burgers

music: oingo boingo, will wood, mitski, lemon demon, sufjan stevens, melanie martinez, slipknot, deftones, korn, queen, soundgarden, kate bush

more about me!

i am bigender! (nonbinary + demigirl(?)), i have severe anxiety + possibly autism

my favorite color is pink! im also in highschool band and i play the vibraphone and im also learning how to play the drumset!
i have a boyfriend who i love so so much!! (malcom if u see this ily!!!)

i love making ocs and i love my creations with all my heart!

i've been a hello kitty fan since i was just a wee lad

webmaster stats!

mood: The current mood of snailzard at
watching: game lets plays! :3
listening to: soundgarden
thinking abt: my cat pablo :3