hi im charlie, welcome to my website! i made this website to express my love for the old web and nostalgia. i also love the kidcore aesthetic, which is the theme of this site! have a look around! come back every once in a while to see changes, as this site is still a wip!
this site is also best functional on google chrome! some functions dont work on firefox or internet explorer. this site is also not functional on mobile devices, and is best viewed from a PC. if there are any problems with the site, please comment on my neocities page!

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please turn off all adblockers and allow audio permissions for this site to listen to music! all ads displayed on this site are entirely fake!

this site uses assets from tumblr, and other neocities sites. if i am using one of your pixels and would like credits, or for me to take it down, please email me at sugarangelnc08@gmail.com

if you're looking for something to do, i highly recommend reading about the webmaster! you can also play some games! if you're looking for webrings or other fun stuff, look around on the homepage or go to the adoptables page!



9/13 : finished about me section and added more cliques

9/11 : finished layout & homepage, currently looking for more cliques to add to the cliques section.

8/30-9/5 : changed layout on home page, changed font to "pocket", added webrings and edited first center box

8/29 : changed bullets on left sidebar, added text banners

8/22 : added second sidebar for webrings

8/17 : completed site button and center div

8/14-8/16 - finished work on sidebar and began working on main page

8/10/22 : began work on links + sidebar!

8/22 : started up work on the site!

4/22 : created site


right now im feeling:

The current mood of snailzard at www.imood.com


Q: when is the site going to be finished?
A: not sure yet! coding is currently a side hobby that i use to just have fun, so it's going to take a bit!

Q: are the materials here free to use?
A: all materials in the resources page are free to use! please ask before taking any other images off my site if it's not in that page.