welcome to sugarangel, a personal site! the webmaster made this site in order to express themselves, and as an outlet for their love for design and the old web! it's a place to dump all of their interests into, that they enjoy. this site was inspired by webcore, san-x, and various other things!

this site is subject to change, as it is constantly being revamped to suit the webmaster's aesthetic choices. make sure to come back every once in a while to see the site grow and develop! also... perhaps sign the webmaster's guestbook? ;) keep reading for faq...

FAQ (sort of):

Q: what inspired you to start coding?

A: i had seen a few friends of mine join neocities, and i decided to check it out one day and i fell in love with how creative people are, and how cool the old web is!

Q: what is your site's theme?

A: the site's theme could be considered "webcore," or if u ever owned a DS... it's kinda inspired by pictochat lmao. im not sure what term to use rn but i love stuff like san-x, q-lia, and different styles of harajuku, japanese street fashion, and it's subcultures. (think gyaru, lolita, etc.) those could be the general theme of the site.

Q: how long have u been coding for?

A: barely a year lmao. don't expect too much, im still learning


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